Chilling thru the Centuries-Silver Wine/Champagne Coolers

Chilling thru the Centuries-Silver Wine/Champagne Coolers

As we approach the July 4th holiday, our thoughts turn to outdoor entertaining and cook-outs.  Chilling drinks ranks at the top of the to-do list for most of us. Whether you are serving wine,beer,or other drinks,keeping them chilled is paramount to their enjoyment on a warm,sultry day.


Choices for chilling beverages range from the simple to the extravagant. For the collectors of silver ice buckets or coolers a party is the time to pull them out of storage and put them to use. So, pull out your buckets and let them shine this July 4th.  


If you are short on time,apply a good polish and let it sit overnight. The next day, rinse your silver cooler in the sink and most of the tarnish will rinse off. Towel dry and it should be ready to go.


As you prepare for your July 4th celebration,here are a few interesting facts regarding chilling wine and the types of coolers.  Using ice to cool beverages dates back centuries.


Ice pits and ice houses; Evidence exists to support Mesopotamia and the Chinese use of ice houses.  Documents show the Persians built conical shaped ice houses. The Romans were know for creative ways to store ice.  The Roman Emperor Nero preferred his wine chilled and perfected several methods of cooling his wine and other beverages. Nero had workers bring ice down from the mountains and store it in insulated cellars until it was needed.  


Wine Cisterns;The use of cisterns dates to the 15th C. Cisterns became popular in the late 17th century.  Due to the costs of cisterns it was only the wealthy that could afford them.  Large with intricate details they were the centerpiece of entertaining events.  Cisterns were made in a range of materials from silver to tin glazed earthenware (majolica).  


Cellarettes;Cisterns which were placed on legs and became popular in Georgian England.


Wine/Champagne coolers/chillers; They became popular in the mid-18th century when the desire for table coolers became fashionable. 


Cheers for the 4th and for collecting silver coolers!


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